845% profit best forex robots


We are offering one of the best Forex robots in the world through this powerful surprise, it is the Jumbo Forex robot. After the completion of the experience of the new automated trading program in Forex market (Jumbo) and during the period between 2015 and 2016, we only decided to start operation this new Forex robot for all our new customers in swissquote bank.

The advantages and disadvantages of this new Forex robot:

1 – The robot profits reached their highest proportion of total profit of 845% in two years 2015/2016
2 – Drawdown rate in two years 58.89% (equivalent to 29.44% per year)
3 – your Forex account balance must have ten thousand dollars as a minimum to subscribe on this robot in 2017.
4 – Risk warning: this robot is designed by risking on all capital in return for very high profits.
5 – Profit target in 2017 in line with expectations: 350% yearly.
6 – We only take 20% from your Net profit.

Finally: If you want to subscribe on the Jumbo robot or If you want to see a detailed account statement to confirm the performance of the Jumbo robot, you could send us your requests on info@wemarkt.com.
and we promise that you will get more and more from the best Forex robots in the world through us.

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